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Two Wells Golf Members,

I hope you and your families have all had a safe and Happy Xmas & New Year.

Season 2017 is fast approaching and I would like to give you a quick update on what we as a club needs to do in the next month to prepare the course ready for the season to commence.

Working Bees
March 18/19 & 25/26

Pop out early to assist anytime.

Season 2017 Competition
Season will start 01 Apr 2017.

Weed spraying has finally been completed last week and the course cut to allow Gary to prepare the fairways and roughs including marking of fairway's with direction of the Match Committee.
1. Fallen trees and branches will need to be collected and placed in the nominated piles ready for the winter burn off along with mounds and around trees needing to be whipped and cleaned up. Ant nests identified and treated throughout the course.
2. The scrapes will be top-dressed similar to Hamley Bridge using the same method they used which is 205 litres of sump oil with a third of it replaced with diesel and sprayed then raked up to ensure it is mixed in with the washed concrete sand. This was their proven method and is very good as many will acknowledge when they have played there. It offers a consistent approach to all scrapes and with the correct amount of coverage members will be pleased with the results. This will require a team of 5-6 members to concentrate on them whilst other members work on tasks assigned by Gary.
3. The Website will be updated once I have reviewed the various programs and have them included in our program in preparation for printing.
4. All tasks that are required to be actioned during the working bees will be placed on the whiteboard outside the clubrooms for members to view and work out what they can assist in whenever they are available before and or after the working bees. There will be drinks provided at the working bees with some lunch and snacks at the completion of each day whilst discussion is held to plan the next day's activities.
5. I have also asked Hamley Bridge for assistance in making 2 new scrappers for the cub which John Bell has confirmed he will make and have them ready for the 2017 season. New cups and sleeves will also be purchased as part of the Grant funding received along with some other equipment to assist the grounds staff.
6. I will place an order for new TWGC Shirts at the Bar for members to order them including some for bar stock. I hope members will support this and replace their old shirts.
7. As a committee we are looking at options for grants noting we were successful last year and missed out on another.
8. As a collective group the condition of the course and the success of the TWGC moving forward depends on the support and assistance by ALL the members to ensure the course is prepared before the seasons commencement and naturally each weeks competition.
9. The priority for the grounds work will be fairways cut ready for each weeks competition both Ladies and Men's. Scrapes prepared and the surround edges cut and sprayed to clear any excessive week growth as you chip onto them. Roughs will be cut however not necessarily weekly with the edges off the fairways given one or two runs with the slasher or Toro.

If you are able to assist Gary please ring him on his mobile and or come out to the course and lend a hand. Many hands make light work.

In closing on behalf of the committee I thank you for your help and participation in advance to ensure we are ready for the start of the 2017 Season. With the early rains the course will look good and the weeds have been sprayed which should decrease the effort but there will always be work to do. We are also looking at replacing the old air-conditioned units with splits including another tractor with a front bucket to ease the burden on the course by the grounds manager.

Please pass on to other members who I have missed and don't have emails and or contact details.

Paul Shields
Captain, Secretary, Handicapper