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Past Results

Season 2001

21-Apr-01Stroke Write Up
28-Apr-01Par Write Up
5-May-01Stroke Write Up
12-May-01Par Write UpCaptain's Trophy (1)
19-May-01Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
26-May-01Par Write UpCaptain's Trophy (2)
2-Jun-01Stroke Write UpBob Oxlade
9-Jun-01Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
16-Jun-01Par Write UpCaptain's Trophy (3)
23-Jun-01Stableford Write Up
30-Jun-01Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
7-Jul-01Pinehurst Write UpApplebee / Belcher
21-Jul-01Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
4-Aug-01Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
11-Aug-01Stableford Write UpExacto Cup
18-Aug-01Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
25-Aug-01Stroke Write Up
1-Sep-01Par Write Up
8-Sep-01Ambrose Write Up2 Man Ambrose
15-Sep-01Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
22-Sep-01Stroke Write Up
29-Sep-01Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day

Season 2005

18-Jun-05Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
25-Jun-05Stableford Write UpClub Championships (2)
2-Jul-05Par Write Up
9-Jul-05Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
16-Jul-05Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
23-Jul-05Exacto Write UpAt Two Wells
30-Jul-05Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
6-Aug-05Stableford Write Up
7-Aug-05Stroke Write UpOpen Day
13-Aug-052 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
20-Aug-05Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
27-Aug-05Stroke Write Up
3-Sep-05Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
17-Sep-05Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
24-Sep-05Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day
1-Oct-05Stroke Write Up
8-Oct-05Ambrose Write UpAmbrose

Season 2006

22-Apr-06Stroke Write UpOpening Day
6-May-06Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
13-May-06Stroke Write Up
20-May-06Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
27-May-06Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
3-Jun-06Pinehurst Write UpPinehurst
10-Jun-06Stableford Write Up
17-Jun-06Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
24-Jun-06Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
8-Jul-06Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
15-Jul-06Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
22-Jul-06Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
29-Jul-06Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
5-Aug-06Stroke Write Up
26-Aug-06Stroke Write Up
2-Sep-06Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
9-Sep-06Stroke Write Up
16-Sep-06Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
23-Sep-06Stroke Write Up
30-Sep-06Stableford Write Up
7-Oct-06Par Write Up
14-Oct-06Ambrose Write UpAmbrose

Season 2007

21-Apr-07Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
28-Apr-07Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
5-May-07Stroke Write Up
12-May-07Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
19-May-07Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
2-Jun-07Pinehurst Write UpPinehurst
9-Jun-07Stableford Write Up
16-Jun-07Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
23-Jun-07Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
30-Jun-07Par Write Up
7-Jul-07Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
14-Jul-07Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
21-Jul-07Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
28-Jul-07Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
4-Aug-07Stableford Write Up
5-Aug-07Stroke Write UpOpen Day
11-Aug-07Stroke Write UpBob Oxlade
18-Aug-07Exacto Write UpAt Two Wells
25-Aug-07Stroke Write Up
1-Sep-07Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
8-Sep-07Stroke Write Up
15-Sep-07Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
22-Sep-07Stroke Write Up
6-Oct-07Stableford Write Up1 Stick
20-Oct-07Ambrose Write UpAmbrose

Season 2008

26-Apr-08Stableford Write UpOpening Day
3-May-08Stroke Write Up
17-May-08Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
24-May-08Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
31-May-08Stableford Write Up
7-Jun-08Pinehurst Write UpPinehurst
14-Jun-08Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
21-Jun-08Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
28-Jun-08Stableford Write Up
5-Jul-08Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
12-Jul-08Par Write Up
19-Jul-08Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
26-Jul-08Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
2-Aug-08Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
9-Aug-08Stableford Write Up
16-Aug-08Stroke Write Up
23-Aug-08Exacto Write UpAt Owen
30-Aug-08Stroke Write Up
6-Sep-08Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
13-Sep-08Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
20-Sep-08Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
4-Oct-08Stroke Write Up
18-Oct-08Stroke Write Up

Season 2009

4-Apr-09Stroke Write UpOpening Day
11-Apr-09Stableford Write Up
18-Apr-09Par Write Up
25-Apr-09Stableford Write Up
2-May-09Stroke Write Up
9-May-09Par Write Up
23-May-09Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
30-May-09Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
6-Jun-09Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
13-Jun-09Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
20-Jun-09Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
21-Jun-09Stroke Write UpMid North Open
27-Jun-09Par Write Up
4-Jul-09Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
11-Jul-094BBB Write Up4 Ball Better Ball
18-Jul-09Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
25-Jul-09Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
8-Aug-09Par Write Up
15-Aug-09Exacto Write UpAt Two Wells
22-Aug-09Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
29-Aug-09Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
5-Sep-094BBB Write Up4 Ball Better Ball
12-Sep-09Stableford Write Up
19-Sep-09Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
26-Sep-09Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day 1 - 9:30am
3-Oct-09Stroke Write Up
10-Oct-09Ambrose Write UpAmbrose

Season 2010

10-Apr-10Stableford Write UpOpening Day
17-Apr-10Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
24-Apr-10Par Write Up
1-May-10Stableford Write Up
8-May-10Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
15-May-10Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
22-May-10Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
29-May-10Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
5-Jun-10Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
12-Jun-102 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
19-Jun-10Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
26-Jun-10Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
3-Jul-10Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
10-Jul-10Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
17-Jul-10Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
24-Jul-10Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
31-Jul-10Foursomes Write UpAlternate Shot
7-Aug-10Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
14-Aug-10Exacto Write UpAt Two Wells
21-Aug-10Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
28-Aug-10Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
4-Sep-10Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
11-Sep-10Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
18-Sep-10Stableford Write UpAnd Handicap Matchplay Final
25-Sep-10Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day 1 - 9:30am
2-Oct-10Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day 2 - 9:30am
9-Oct-10Stableford Write Up

Season 2011

9-Apr-11Stableford Write UpOpening Day
16-Apr-11Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
23-Apr-11Par Write Up
30-Apr-11Stableford Write Up
7-May-11Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
14-May-11Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
21-May-11Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
28-May-11Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
4-Jun-11Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
11-Jun-112 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
18-Jun-11Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
25-Jun-11Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
2-Jul-11Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
9-Jul-11Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
16-Jul-11Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
23-Jul-11Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
30-Jul-112 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
31-Jul-11Open Day Write UpOpen Day
6-Aug-11Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
13-Aug-11Stableford Write Up
20-Aug-11Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
27-Aug-11Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
3-Sep-11Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
10-Sep-11Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
17-Sep-11Stableford Write UpAnd Handicap Matchplay Final
24-Sep-11Stableford Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
1-Oct-11Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day - 9:30am
8-Oct-11Stableford Write Up
9-Oct-11Ambrose Write UpSponsors Day
15-Oct-11Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Hamley Bridge)

Season 2012

14-Apr-12Stableford Write UpOpening Day
21-Apr-12Stableford Write Up
28-Apr-12Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
5-May-12Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
12-May-12Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
19-May-12Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
26-May-12Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Hamley Bridge)
2-Jun-12Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
9-Jun-12Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
16-Jun-12Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
23-Jun-12Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
30-Jun-12Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
7-Jul-12Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
14-Jul-12Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
21-Jul-12Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
28-Jul-122 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
29-Jul-12Open Day Write UpOpen Day
4-Aug-12Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
11-Aug-12Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Two Wells)
18-Aug-12Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
25-Aug-12Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
1-Sep-12Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
8-Sep-12Stableford Write Up
9-Sep-12Ambrose Write UpSponsors Day
15-Sep-12Stableford Write UpAnd Handicap Matchplay Final
22-Sep-12Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
29-Sep-12Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day - 9:30am
6-Oct-12Ambrose Write UpTrophy Presentation/BBQ Tea
13-Oct-12Stableford Write Up
20-Oct-12Stableford Write Up

Season 2013

6-Apr-13Stableford Write UpOpening Day
13-Apr-13Stableford Write Up
20-Apr-13Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
27-Apr-13Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
4-May-13Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
11-May-13Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
18-May-13Ambrose Write Up
25-May-13Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Hamley Bridge)
1-Jun-13Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
8-Jun-13Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
15-Jun-13Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
22-Jun-13Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
29-Jun-13Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
6-Jul-13Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
13-Jul-13Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
20-Jul-13Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
27-Jul-132 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
28-Jul-13Open Day Write UpOpen Day
3-Aug-13Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
10-Aug-13Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Two Wells)
17-Aug-13Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
24-Aug-13Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
31-Aug-13Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
7-Sep-13Stableford Write Up
8-Sep-13Ambrose Write UpSponsors Day
14-Sep-13Stableford Write UpAnd Handicap Matchplay Final
21-Sep-13Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
28-Sep-13Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day - 9:30am
5-Oct-13Ambrose Write Up
12-Oct-13Stableford Write UpTrophy Presentation/BBQ Tea
19-Oct-13Ambrose Write Up
26-Oct-13Stableford Write Up

Season 2014

5-Apr-14Stableford Write UpOpening Day
12-Apr-14Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
19-Apr-14Stableford Write Up
26-Apr-14Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
3-May-14Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
10-May-14Ambrose Write Up
17-May-14Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
24-May-14Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Hamley Bridge)
31-May-14Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
7-Jun-14Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
14-Jun-14Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
21-Jun-14Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
28-Jun-14Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
5-Jul-14Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
12-Jul-14Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
19-Jul-14Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
26-Jul-142 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
27-Jul-14Open Day Write UpOpen Day
2-Aug-14Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
9-Aug-14Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Two Wells)
16-Aug-14Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
23-Aug-14Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
30-Aug-14Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
6-Sep-14Stableford Write Up
7-Sep-14Ambrose Write UpSponsors Day
13-Sep-14Stableford Write UpAnd Handicap Matchplay Final
20-Sep-14Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
27-Sep-14Stableford Write UpAFL Grand Final Day - 9:30am
4-Oct-14Ambrose Write UpTrophy Presentation/BBQ Tea
11-Oct-14Stableford Write Up
18-Oct-14Stableford Write Up
25-Oct-14Stableford Write Up

Season 2015

4-Apr-15Stableford Write UpWarm-Up Day
11-Apr-15Stableford Write UpOpening Day
18-Apr-15Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
25-Apr-15Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
2-May-15Ambrose Write UpAmbrose
9-May-15Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
16-May-15Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal - Bob Oxlade
23-May-15Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Hamley Bridge)
30-May-15Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
6-Jun-15Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
13-Jun-15Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
20-Jun-15Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
21-Jun-15Ambrose Write UpSponsors Day
27-Jun-15Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
4-Jul-15Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
11-Jul-15Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
18-Jul-15Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
25-Jul-152 Man Ambrose Write UpTwo Man Ambrose
26-Jul-15Open Day Write UpOpen Day
1-Aug-15Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
8-Aug-15Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Two Wells)
15-Aug-15Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
22-Aug-15Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
29-Aug-15Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
5-Sep-15Stableford Write UpAnd Handicap Matchplay Final
12-Sep-15Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
19-Sep-15Stableford Write UpAGM after golf
26-Sep-15Ambrose Write UpTrophy Presentation/BBQ Tea
3-Oct-15Stableford Write Up
10-Oct-15Stableford Write Up
17-Oct-15Stableford Write Up
24-Oct-15Stableford Write Up

Season 2016

26-Mar-16 Write UpWorking bee
2-Apr-16Stableford Write UpOpening Day
9-Apr-16Stableford Write UpStableford
16-Apr-16Stroke Write UpStroke (Monthly Medal)
23-Apr-16Ambrose Write UpAmbrose
30-Apr-16Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (1)
7-May-16Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (1)
14-May-16Stroke Write UpStroke (Monthly Medal)
21-May-16Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Hamley Bridge)
28-May-16Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (2)
4-Jun-16Pinehurst Write UpApplebee/Belcher Trophy
11-Jun-16Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (2)
18-Jun-16Stroke Write UpClub Championships (1)
25-Jun-16Stroke Write UpClub Championships (2)
2-Jul-16Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (3)
9-Jul-16Stroke Write UpClub Championships (3)
16-Jul-16Stroke Write UpClub Championships (4)
23-Jul-16Ambrose Write UpAmbrose
24-Jul-16Open Day Write UpOpen Day
30-Jul-16Stableford Write UpHamley Challenge (At Two Wells)
6-Aug-16Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (3)
13-Aug-16Stableford Write UpStableford
20-Aug-16Stroke Write UpMonthly Medal
27-Aug-16Par Write UpCaptains Trophy (4)
3-Sep-16Stableford Write UpPresidents Trophy (4)
10-Sep-16Stroke Write UpMedal of Medals
17-Sep-16Stableford Write Up
24-Sep-16Ambrose Write UpAGM/Presentation/BBQ Tea
1-Oct-16Stableford Write Up
8-Oct-16Stableford Write Up
15-Oct-16Stableford Write Up