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2018 Working Bees - 17, 18, 24, 25 March

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2018 Opening Day - 7 April

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Open Days

2018 Mid North Open Day Programme Coming Soon

Green Fees

Green Fees

$5 per day

Visitors are welcome to use the course when not reserved for Member's Competitions, Open Days, Interclub events or other times specified by The Match Committee and Executive Committee as displayed on the Club Notice Board.
Generally visitors are permitted to play any day of the week.

Competition Fees

$5 per day

Competition Tee off Times

Saturday Competitions - Between 11:00am and 12:30pm
Tuesdsay Competitions (Ladies) - Between 9:00am and 10:00am
Visitors are welcome on competition days once the last competitor is through the 10th hole but please allow members and competition players right of way at all times.
Visitors who have either current AGU or ALGU handicaps are eligible to play in Club Competitions on an equal basis to club members, except for Club Championships, Monthly Medals, and Honour Board events. The weekly novelty prizes such as Nearest the Pin (NTP), Pro’s Approach, Birdie Holes, Eagles Nest and Long Drives are eligible for visitors. Visitors shall pay normal Green Fees and Competition Fees.
The Club Trophy points will be awarded to the next TWGC member in the run down.

Practice on the Course

To preserve the quality of the limited grass on the golf course, players may play up to a maximum of 3 practice balls during casual, practice or non-competition rounds. Golf Etiquette must be adhered to at all times with regard to filling divots and slow play. The eighteenth (18th) is recognised as a practice fairway. No other holes at the TWGC may be used to warm up on the day of competition.

Scrape Maintenance

To preserve the scrapes and assist the Course Manager and volunteers, players are asked when they have completed their practice they rake the scrape for other players behind them. Other directions may be requested by the Match Committee during the season with regard to the on-going scrape maintenance.

Course Etiquette

- Avoid slow play always keep up with the group in front while making sure that players in front are out of range.
- Call through players if looking for a lost ball or in any difficulty.
- Leave scrape immediately after putting out and record scores before hitting off the next tee.
- Take buggies to the side of the scrape before putting.
- Do not take buggies or carts across scrapes or tee blocks
- No Smoking in or near main entrance and entry on the patio (5 metres).