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Hole in One

Any member of TWGC (or visitor) who scores a hole in one whilst competing in an event organised by the Match Committee will be presented with twelve (12) golf balls. The persons name will be added to the Hole in One Honour Board. A hole in one does not qualify a member to win the eagles nest.
The Match Committee will pass on the relevant details to the TWGC Secretary who will notify the National Hole-in-One Data Base and SAGA for the member to receive the reward eligible at that time by the State Sponsor.

Eagles Nest (2nd Hole)

The Eagles Nest is increased each week by one (1) golf ball each competition week until won and is ONLY awarded for birdies scored on the 2nd hole at TWGC. This does not apply to any other hole on the TWGC. In the case of multiple (birdies) being scored on the same day, the eagles nest will be divided equally amongst the players who have scored the birdies.

Birdie Holes

Players can win a golf ball for getting a birdie on two (2) holes on each nine, as nominated by the Match Committee, during Saturday competition. The birdie holes are not included in Pinehurst, Ambrose or Open Days.


Members who score eagles on the TWGC shall be presented with either a TWGC glass or two (2) balls and shall apply to multiple eagles scored in any one competition.

Piss Pots Cup (Wednesday Competition)

Awarded to the best Wednesday player throughout the season as determined by the Wednesday match committee.

Night Golf

Night Golf will be programmed over the season with dates set as conditions allow.