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Two Wells Quality Meats

Date: 29 Apr 17

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Competition: PAR Captains Trophy Rd 1
No. of players: 1 Lady and 19 Men
Sponsor: Two Wells Quality Meats
Conditions: Fine. Grasses coming through from the rains.
A Grade: (1) G. Payne +8
(2) J. Ball +6
(3) C. Barker +3 c/b
A Christou +3
B Grade: (1) J. Mills +6
(2) D. Thompson +2 c/b
(3) D. Burford 0
Ladies : (1) G. Bowden -5

Meat Trays: (1) P. Shields
Meat Trays (2): A. Christou
Long Drives: A): C. Barker
B): H. Linford
NTP's: (1): B. Betro
(2): H. Linford
(6): -

NTP's: (11): I. Gameau
(12): B. Betro
(15): R. Prior
N.A.G.A. I. Smith -9

Our Sponsor for the Day was Two Wells Quality Meats and the winners on the day of the two meat raffles were the Captain and Rabbit. What a difference that small amount of rain had on the course. The familiar green tinge of native grasses pushing through the surface throughout the course was a sight to see. The run of recent weeks has almost gone and players will find conditions tougher in the weeks to come. 20 Players on Saturday competing in the Captains Trophy Rd 1 which produced a mixed bag of results.

Playing with Bobby Hogg and John Ball I witnessed a fine display of golf by John with 3 birdies in four holes and turned the front nine with 35 off the stick. The back nine held him back to what was a possible huge total on the day however still shooting a sub 80 round on the day. Bobby was stunned with both John and my shots as I joined in with 2 birdies as well as we continued through the course. The usual banter about the 5th and 12th holes came into play and Bobby found them interesting as a result of our encouragement. Gary Payne also played extremely well with 35 on the front nine for a +7 and continued to hold onto the lead through the back with +1 for a winning total of +8 (79 off the stick) in A Grade. John 2nd of course and C. Barker 3rd with +3 on a count back from A. Christou also +3.
B Grade was dominated by John Mills who finished with a fine round of +6 from Darrell Thompson who returned back in the winning circle with +2 and Doug Burford square for 3rd.
Again we have had a golf flag stolen from the 16th scrape which makes 3 this year. Gary and John are continuing the oiling of the scrapes as oil is made available. The scrapes done are coming up very well and general comments are a lot better than the previous scrapes. Donít forget the Hamley Bridge Challenge at Hamley Bridge on the 20th May and we need a strong attendance on the day for the 1130-1200 start. Fairways have had the first marking done and will be done again in weeks to come. Captains Pictures have also been placed on the TWGC Facebook Page.
A Grade: G. Payne +8, J. Ball +6, C. Barker +3, A. Christou +3, I. Gameau +2, T. Clifton +1, B. Betro -2, I. Clark -3, P. Shields -4, R. Hogg -4 and I Smith -9.
B Grade: J. Mills +6, D. Thompson +2, D. Burford 0, H. Linford -1J. Weir -1, S. Kelly -2, J. Spackman -3 and R. Prior -4
Ladies: G. Bowden -5

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Next week: Presidents Trophy Rd 1.

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