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Date: 20 May 17

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Competition: Hamley Challenge
No. of players: 14
Conditions: Fine
A Grade: (1) A.Baker 43
(2) A. Bail 40
(3) I. Smith 36
B Grade: (1) J. Mills 39
(2) D. Burford 36
(3) N. Bowden 35
Ladies : (1) G. Bowden 14
Competition: Two Wells Hamley Bridge Interclub Challenge Round 1 (at Hamley Bridge)
Sponsor: Two Wells & Hamley Bridge Golf Clubs.
Perfect conditions for the Annual Interclub challenge between Hamley Bridge and Two Wells on Saturday with 14 TWGC members venturing up to Hamley to defend the trophy.
Hamley Folks again provided a great course well prepared and the usual hospitality for us with a great BBQ after the day's play which was appreciated by all.
Over the past few years TWGC has been very successful in defending the trophy both home and away.
This year was the closest result of all with Hamley folks winning the Trophy by .1 with 32.7 from Two Wells 32.6.
Congratulations to Hamley Bridge for both winning on the day and their hospitality to TWGC players.
As a result of our loss I have told the TWGC players that they are all expected to attend training next Saturday at Two Wells.
Seriously it's not about winning or losing but two clubs competing to support each other and participating in the interclub social interaction each year.
The A Grade winner Andrew Baker put in a solid performance with 43 points to edge out Adam Bail also playing a great game with 40 points
and Ian Smith despite his playing partners trying to put him off 3rd with 36 points.
B Grade was dominated by John Mills with 39 points along with Doug Burford playing consistently with 36 points and Blue Bowden 3rd with 35 points.
Two Wells results.
A Grade results: A. Baker 43, A. Bail 40, I. Smith 36, G. Payne 34,P. Shields 33, R. Hogg 33,
T. Clifton 31 and A Paul 30 pts..
B Grade results: J. Mills 39, D. Burford 36, N. Bowden 35, H. Linford 32, J. Weir 31, D. Smith 27 and S. Kelly 26 Pts.
Ladies: G. Bowden 14 Pts.
Total 32.6 average
Hamley Bridge Results.
B. Schwartz 35, R. Mortiner 38, R. Pallak 32, R. Cameron 36, D. Cooper 23, M. Jakson 31, C. Doudle 39, G. Dahlitz 25, R. Charman 22, N. Stringer 37, R. McGregor 31, K. Kursik 36, I. Rohoe 34, J. Bell 34, B. Zerna 33, H. Bell 31, R. Hahn28, W. Van Pelt 37, W. White 33, J. Mitchell 33 and D. Nation 38.
Total 32.7 average
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores.
Next week: Par - Match Play rounds to be played.

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