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Date: 3 June 17

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Competition: Applebee & Belcher Trophy - Pinehurst
No. of players: 17 & 2 Ladies
Conditions: PERFECT
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club
Meat Trays: (1) J. Spackman
Meat Trays (2): J. Weir
(1) A. Bail & G/Payne: 78 - 63 3/4
(2) H. Linford & D. Burford:84 - 65 1/4
(3) S. Kelly & J. Weir 83 - 66 7/8
Ladies : (1) G. Bowden 16 Pts
Long Drives: A): S. Kelly
B): D. Thompson
Ladies: G. Bowden
NTP's: (1): S. Kelly
(2): -
(6): -
NTP's: (11): G. Payne
(12): -
15): K. Stubing
N.A.G.A. J. Spackman & P Shields
Date: 3 Jun 17
Competition: Applebee & Belcher Trophy - Pinehurst
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club
A fantastic day on Saturday warm sunny conditions for the Annual Applebee & Belcher Pinehurst Trophy. 17 members and 2 ladies competed on the day with the course looking very inviting as folks practiced on and around the 18th scrape.
Congratulations to Adam Bail & Gary Payne who were the 2017 Applebee & Belcher Winners playing very well to edge out Hans Linford and Doug Burford finishing 2nd with Steve Kelly & Jim Weir 3rd. Captain Paul Shields and Jeoff Spackman finished with the NAGA.
Whilst we both played some hmmm ordinary shots we agreed that the opposition team of Andrew Baker and Ian Clark played some nasty tricks on us. Of course Ian as always was the consummate gentlemen but Andrew of course took things to a new level with his shorts split all the way down his crutch which was quite off-putting for both of us as we lined up for putts and he was at the other end squatting down behind the pin like a wicket keeper with all to see. All the groups had a few tales of how their partners left them very “awkward” second shots none more noticeable as Jeoff and my tee shots on the 8th both finishing between the old tee block and the new one. So I will leave that to everyone’s imagination. Andrew will not doubt tell you all as he was in stitches. It was all in good taste with some great banter I am sure.
Adam Bail & Gary Payne 63 3/4 , Hans Linford & Doug Burford 65 1/4 , Steve Kelly & Jim Weir 66 7/8 , Danny. Smith & Kathy Stubing 68 1/2 , Chris Barker & Darrell Thompson 69 1/4, Ian Gameau & Ray Prior 70, Tim Clifton & Bobby Hogg 70 1/2 , Andrew Baker & Ian Smith 73 3/4 , Paul Shields & Jeoff Spackman 74 3/4.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores

Next week: Presidents Trophy Rd 2 and Match play rounds. Championships start June 17th & 24th.

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