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Date 24-Jun-17

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Competition: Stroke
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club: Club Champs Round 2
No of Players: 21 + 1 visitor and 1 Lady
Conditions - PURRFECT
Long Drive A Grade: A. Christou
Long Drive B Grade: Rick Wendland
Ladies Long Drive: K. Stubing
NTP Hole 1: T. Clifton
NTP Hole 2: G. Payne
NTP Hole 6: R. Prior
NTP Hole 11: R. Prior
NTP Hole 12: -
NTP Hole 15:J. Ball
A Grade Winners: Gary Payne, Arthur Christou, Andrew Baker
B Grade Winners: Steven Kelly, Ian Clark, Doug Burford
Ladies Winners: Kathy Stubing
NAGA: P. Shields 100/84
Rabbit turned 53 on Friday. Shorty Pauls 80th party held in the club rooms. Conditions were good. Rick was a visitor. Putting comp joint winners Gary Payne, Adam Bail and Rick Wendland 24 putts. NAGA Winner Paul Shields Nett 84 (struggling with a back and knee injury has no rotation through the ball. NAGA 3 out of 4 weeks.
Date: 24 Jun 17
Competition: Club Championships Rd 2 - Veterans Rd 2
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club
A Grade results: G. Payne 62, A. Christou 63, A. Baker 68, R. Hogg 72, A. Bail 71, J. Ball 73, T. Clifton 79 and P. Shields 84.

B Grade results: S. Kelly 62, I. Clark 64, D. Burford 67, I. Smith 70, C. Barker 71, J. Spackman 71, J. Weir 72, R. Prior 72, I. Gameau 73, H. Linford 73, M. Dimasi 76,D. Smith 82, B. Bowden 87 and R. Wendland 69.
Ladies: K. Stubing 64.
The ongoing perfect weather continued to display some great scores on Saturday for the 2nd round of the club championships at Two Wells with 23 players hitting the course to continue their individual quest for golfs "Holy Grail" Club Champion in their respective grade. A grade was again dominated by Gary Payne with a fine 80 off the stick to win on the day close behind was the birthday boy Rabbit turning 53 on Friday proved he was up for the task shooting 81 with Andrew Baker also playing well with a fine 82. After 2 rounds all 3 are equal on 163 which will prove interesting in a fortnight as they will play together in the 3rd round.

B Grade also provided some great scores with Steve Kelly stepping up and shooting a fine 83 off the stick net 64 which would be close to his lowest for some time. Ian Clark finished 2nd with 64 and Doug Burford popping in for another cameo appearance with 67 for 3rd place. After 2 rounds B grade is shaping up for a solid 3rd round with Steve Kelly and Ian Clark both on 181 and Ian Gameau on 184. This should prove to be a good match up in the 3rd round. Jim Weir, Hans Linford & Ian Smith close behind waiting for the leaders to falter.
Kathy Stubing again continued to show fine form shooting her lowest round this year with 81 nett 64.
It was also a great day as Shorty Paul celebrated his 80th birthday at the club with family and friends. It was great to see Shorty out at the club and many members remained after the presentation to celebrate his milestone. We wish him all the best for the future.
Of course each week there is an award for the worst round of the day. The NAGA is often hotly contested however it would be remise of me not to acknowledge that 3 of the last four rounds the NAGA has been presented to the Captain. I have struggled with both knee issues and a pulled back muscle over the past weeks however no excuses as I am willing to hand the reign over to the next poor member who is in need of a golf ball and the medal.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores

Next week: Stableford

Paul Shields (Captain)

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