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Two Wells Quality Meats

Date: 01 July 17

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Competition: President's Trophy Rd 3
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club
No. of players: 14
Conditions: Fine
A Grade:
(1) P. Shields 40 Pts
(2) A. Bail 38 Pts
(3) R. Hogg 34 Pts

B Grade:
(1) H. Linford 44 Pts
(2) J. Weir 37 Pts
(3) T. Clifton 35 Pts
Meat Trays: (1) J. Weir
Meat Trays (2): J. Spackman
Long Drives: A): R. Hogg
B): R. Prior
NTP's: (1): J. Weir
(2): J. Weir
(6): -
NTP's: (11): H. Linford
(12): -
(15): R. Hogg

Pro's Approach: P. Shields
N.A.G.A. G. Payne 21
Date: 01 Jul 17

Competition: Presidents Trophy Rd 3
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club

Despite the small field of 14 players on Saturday the conditions on the course were again excellent with fine sunny weather with light winds most of the day. Golf is at times a funny game with form reversal often commented on by the players the following week.
This weekend was no exception as last week I shot 100 off the stick winning the NAGA and being stirred up by the vice-captain for my consistency in the past weeks winning it so often. On Saturday I shot 83 off the stick 40 points to win A grade narrowly from Adam Bail who also had a form reversal with 87 and 38 points. Bobby Hogg taking the minor 3rd placing with 88 and 34 points.
I had the opportunity to play with Hans Linford on Saturday along with John Ball and we both commented on how well Hans was playing. He looked very relaxed and despite a flounder on a couple of holes on the back nine carded a very well deserved 82 off the stick and 44 points (his best round at TWGC) to narrowly beat James Weir on 37 points with Tim Clifton 3rd with 35 points.
As I left early for a RAAF 40th anniversary reunion I missed the presentation and picked up the cards late Sunday afternoon. Checking through them I found that there had been an error with the NAGA and I have corrected it and will enjoy the correct presentation next Saturday to as they say repay the favour to Gary Payne.
Next week's 3rd round of the Club Championships will prove interesting with the following players in the same group. A Grade will have Andrew Baker, Arthur Christou and Gary Payne. Bobby Hogg and John Ball lurking should there be a significant demise in the leaders group. B Grade will have Ian Gameau, Ian Clark, and Steve Kelly. Jim Weir and Hans Linford look to be possible threats to challenge these guys based on this weekend's form.

Both Groups will be hitting off between 1100 - 1130. Good golfing to all.
A Grade: P. Shields 40, A. Bail 38, R. Hogg 34A. Baker 30, J. Ball 26 and G. Payne 19pts.
B. Grade: H. Linford 44, J. Weir 37, T. Clifton 35, R. Prior 34, I. Smith 30, J. Spackman 28, J. Mills 28 and D. Smith 22pts.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores

Next week: Club Championships Rd 3. Top 3 in each Grade will be playing together.

Paul Shields
Captain/Secretary/Handicapper TWGC.

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