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Date: 8 July 17

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Competition: Club Championships Rd 3 Stroke Veterans Putting
No. of players: 2 Ladies & 17 Men
Conditions: Sunny with increasing winds during the day
Sponsor: TWGC
Meat Trays: (1) C. Barker
Meat Trays (2): G. Payne
A Grade:(1) A. Baker 69
(2) G. Payne 71 c/b
(3) A. Christou 71 c/b
R. Hogg 71 c/b
B Grade: (1) T. Clifton 66 c/b
(2) J. Weir 66
(3) S. Kelly 70
Ladies : (1) L. Brooks 71
(2)G. Bowden 88
Putting Comp: I. Gameau 24
Long Drives: A): A. Christou
B): R. Prior
Ladies: G. Bowden
NTP's (1): M. Dimasi
(2): A. Christou
(6): L. Brooks

NTP's: (11): I. Clark
(12): -
(15): R. Hogg
N.A.G.A. J. Mills
Date: 08 Jul 17
Competition: Club Championships Rd 3
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club

Rains during the week was a welcome sight for the course although we had coverage the familiar green will start to emerge with the sun this week. 19 players tackled the windy conditions as golfers attempted to consolidate their standings for the championships final round next week.
The scores mostly in the 80’s range showed that the recent rains had not changed the course much. A Grade was dominated again by Andrew Baker who shot 83 off the stick to give himself a 5 shot buffer from Rabbit and Gary Payne both who both maintained their hold for next week’s challenge to catch Andrew.
B Grade also produced some good scores on the day with Tim Clifton winning the day with a fine 88/66 to equal Jim Weir also net 66. Tim held onto the count back with Steve Kelly finishing with 91/70 to take the minor placing. Steve’s 91 off the stick enough to give him a 3 stroke buffer from good mate Jams Weir and Ian Clark holding the 3rd spot to be 4 shots back in the B Grade Championship.
Good to see not only new faces in the mix for Grade Champions but its very close in both grades with only a moments lapse to determine the end results.
A Grade Gross after 3 rounds: A. Baker 246, A. Christou 251 and G. Payne 251.
A Grade Nett after 3 rounds: A. Christou 197, G. Payne 198, A. Baker 204 and R. Hogg 209.
B Grade Gross after 3 rounds: S. Kelly 272, J. Weir 275, I. Clark 276 and I. Gameau 283.
B Grade Nett after 3 rounds: S. Kelly 209, J. Weir 207, H. Linford 218 and R. Prior 222.
Best of luck to all players with low scores and straight hitting to claim the 2017 Championship.
Results: A Grade: A. Baker 69, G. Payne 71, A. Christou 71, R. Hogg 71A. Paul 72, I. Clark 75 and Paul Shields net 76. B Grade: T. Clifton 66, J. Weir 66, S. Kelly 70, R. Prior 71, H. Linford 75, I. Gameau 78, J. Spackman 76, J. Mills 79 and M. Dimasi net 80. Ladies: L. Brooks 71 and G. Bowden net 88.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores
Next week: Club Championships Rd 4 Veterans Rd 4 Stroke.

Paul Shields

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