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Date: 15th July 2017

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Competition: 4th Round Club Championships
No. of players: 14 + 1 Lady
Conditions: Fine, sunny, overcast, light winds.
A Grade:
(1) A. Bail 66
(2) S. Kelly 69
(3) G. Payne 71
B Grade:
(1) I. Clark 64
(2) J. Spackman 67
(3) I. Gameau 70
Ladies : (1) K. Stubing 76
Putting Comp: J. Spackman 24
Monthly Medal: I. Clark 64
Sponsor: TWGC
Meat Trays: (1) C. Barker
Meat Trays (2): J. Spackman
Long Drives:
A): A. Baker
B): J. Weir
NTP's: (1): I. Clark
(2): A. Baker
(6): A. Baker
NTP's: (11): -
(12): K. Stubing
(15): P. Shields
Pro's Approach: R. Prior
N.A.G.A. H. Linford

Date: 15 Jul 17

Competition: Club Championships Rd 4
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club

The 4th round of the 2017 Club Championships was played with 14 men and 1 lady playing on the day. The top 3 scores in both A & B Grade played together which proved to be an interesting day with A Grade leader Andrew Baker holding a 5 shot lead over all and B Grade leader Steve Kelly holding a narrow 3 shot lead over his next contender. Missing in action was Rabbit who was in contention for A Grade however had family commitments on Saturday.
The conditions on the day good with the recent rains making the course looking great. The scrapes also holding up as usual and fluffed up well when they were raked. The July Monthly Medal also played on the day was won by veteran Ian Clark with net 64 to take the medal from the club house leader Adam Bail net 66. Congratulations to Ian for a fine round on the day which also won B Grade from good mate Jeoff Spackman on net 67 and Ian Gameau 3rd with net 70.
A Grade was won by Adam Bail with net 66 closely pursued by Steve Kelly making another entrance to A Grade due to his recent form with 69 nett and Gary Payne 3rd with 71 nett.
The A Grade contenders Andrew Baker, Garry Payne and Robert Hogg playing together set up a good contest which looking at the cards proved to show the nerves were evident especially with some missed putts and errant golf shots. Andrews 5 shot lead whittled down and at the end of the day Andrew and Gary finished the 4 rounds with 339 each.
The B Grade contenders Steve Kelly, Jim Weir and Ian Clark also played together and again nerves were evident. Steve’s narrow lead of 3 shots from Jim and 4 shots from Ian also tested with the elder statesman of the group quietly going about his business shooting 38 on the front to gain 2 shots on Steve and continued to show form on the back nine despite a slight hiccup on the13th & 16th holes to finish with 47 and yes you guessed it again both Ian and Steve finished the 4 rounds with 361 each. This is the first time in my 35 years at the club that both Grades have had a tie after four rounds.
With both grades equal after the 4 rounds they will all play together in the same group on the 19th August which is the next stroke round to determine the Grade Winners. Congratulations to all and the best of luck in the final round.
The A Grade nett scores over the four rounds were, Gary Payne 269, Andrew Baker 275, Bobby Hogg 281 and Paul Shields 311. B Grade net scores over the 4 rounds were, Jim Weir 278, Steve Kelly 278, Ian Clark 278, Ray Prior 295 and Hans Linford 297.
The 2017 Putting champion over the 4 Championship rounds is Gary Payne with 102 putts with Andrew 2nd with 103 putts.
All scores and results will be confirmed once placed on the Two Wells Web Site and checked against the spreadsheet.

All the best to Jeoff Spackman who is off to have knee surgery in the next week, we wish him a speedy recovery.
A Grade: A. Bail 66, S. Kelly 69, G. Payne 71, R. Hogg 72, P. Shields 73 and A. Baker 80.
B Grade: I. Clark 64, J. Spackman 67, I. Gameau 70, J. Weir 71, R. Prior 73, T. Clifton 75, H. Linford 79and D. Smith 87.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores
Next week: Two Man/Person Ambrose.
Prepared by Paul Shields

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