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Two Wells Quality Meats

Date: 22 July 17

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Competition: 2 Man Ambrose
No. of players: 16 Players
Sponsor: COOPER's/TWGC
Meat Trays: (1) J. Weir
Meat Trays (2): A. Paul
Conditions: Fine & Windy
(1) A. Baker & I. Clark 60 3/4
(2) R. Prior & T. Clifton 63 1/2
(3) H. Linford & A. Christou 63 1/2
(4) J. Weir & S. Kelly 63 1/2
(5) A. Bail & J. Ball 63 3/4
(6) G. Payne & A. Paul 69
(7) R. Hogg & D. Hart 70
(8) D. Thompson & C. Barker 71 1/2
Long Drives: A): A. Christou
B): H. Linford
NTP's: (1): I. Clark
(2): I. Clark
6): A. Christou

NTP's: (11): -
(12): -
(15): -
N.A.G.A. D. Thompson & C. Barker

Date: 22 Jul 17

Competition: 2 Man Ambrose
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club/Coopers
Sunny and windy conditions faced the players on Saturday as they sorted themselves out with quality team players to tackle the 2 man Ambrose. Regrettably I was unable to play due to my ongoing knee issue but the teams worked out well with everyone on the day paired. I was however able to watch the groups come down the 18th and saw some quality shots off the tee block and then onto the scrape. Shot of the hole must go to Hans Linford who chipped in from about 15 feet off the right side of the scrape much to the pleasure of playing partner Rabbit. Captains pictures of the teams have been placed on the TWGC Facebook page.
Early attempts with bribery were quickly dismissed when I was approached to "adjust" handicaps for one team. After a discussion in the bar with several other team members we joked about the offer and I remained steadfast as I told them get out and play with what you have. Disappointing that I still missed out on a beer after the game for my strong will.
It is fair to say that the winners of the day with 6 birdies were very steady and a solid team to actually beat. Andrew Baker and Ian Clark who of course guided the "Resident Sasquatch" taming him and challenging him to unleash his long hitting drives to gain valuable distance for Ian to finish off the hole for them. No other team on the day actually came close on the day.
In the recent weeks there have been some very good scores in the low to mid-eighties which I suspect was due to my severe talking to the members to prepare and be ready for the Interclub Challenge next week. Hamley won the last game on their home course and as I mentioned on the day that I expected more from the Two Wells members. I think I was also told to lift my game as well on the day with a low 30's score. I feel that I will be in a position to lead a quality team with the Two Wells Members and have recruited Denis Hart out of semi-retirement to play on the day now he has a serviceable buggy. I will also tempt Russell Grigg to join us on the day for a pre Open Day hit challenge on. With the new scrapes on the course and the efforts of Gary Payne the course is looking great for our visitors next week.

Paul Shields
TWGC Captain/Secretary/Handicapper.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores
Next week: Interclub Challenge Hamley Bridge V Two Wells at home. Reminder the TWO WELLS OPEN is Sunday the 27th AUGUST 2017.

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