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Date: 29 July 17

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Competition: Two Wells V Hamley Bridge Interclub Challenge (at TWGC)
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club
Meat Trays: (1) J. Weir
Meat Trays (2): J. Weir
Meat Trays (3): G. Payne
No. of players: 18 TWGC (15 HBGC)
Conditions: Extremely Windy and overcast
A Grade: (1) R. Hogg 37
(2) A. Baker 36
(3) A. Bail 35

B Grade: (1) T. Clifton 38
(2) H. Linford 35
(3) I. Smith 35
Ladies : (1) L. Brooks 33
(2) G. Bowden 33
(3) K. Stubing 32

Long Drives: A): C. Girling
B): C. Doudle HBGC
Ladies): K. Stubing
NTP's: (1): R. Hinderwell (HBGC)
(2): R. Hogg
(6): -
NTP's: (11): A. Paul
(12): K. Stubing
(15): R. Cameron (HBGC)
Pro's Approach: C. Girling
N.A.G.A. J. Weir

Date: 29 Jul 17

Competition: Two Wells V Hamley Bridge Interclub Challenge (at Two Wells)
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club
Despite the possibility of rain 33 players from both clubs battled the strongest winds I have seen out there for 30 years. A big thank you to the Hamley members who braved the forecasted conditions and ventured down to defend the trophy which they won earlier this year on home soil. Balls blowing off tees, phones blowing of golf carts, head covers blown around the course including balls wobbling on the scrapes as players prepared to putt appeared to be the problem for many players.
Thanks to the local Two Wells members who helped prepare the course during the week Gary Payne, Bobby Hogg, Ray Prior and Denis Hart. Kathy, Leanne and Glenda who prepared salads and assisted in the set up for the dinner whilst we played and looked after the Bar. Tim Clifton helping out doing the dishes in the kitchen after dinner. Jeoff Spackman who cooked the BBQ. Hans & Andrew for their running around on the day placing flags, NTP's and L/D markers out along with the eskies.
As with all interclub challenges regardless of the location the days are played with a great spirit of sportsmanship between the two clubs. Congratulations to all involved for the day from both clubs for making what I must say a great success.
The field spread out with a shotgun start and players attempted to beat the weather with rain approaching. Fortunately the early start was appreciated and we all finished before the rain arrived. The Trophy is worked out on the aggregate of the players in each team with Hamley Bridge finishing with 25.8 and 5 players over 30 points. Two Wells finishing with 32.5 points with 15 players over 30 points. Thanks to the Two Wells team for their consistency on the day winning back the trophy and the Hamley Bridge team for venturing down to check out our new scrapes. We hope to see you back for the Two Wells Open Day on the 27 August 17.
Two Wells Results:
A Grade: R. Hogg 37, A. Baker 36, A. Bail 35, A. Paul 34, P. Shields 33, J. Ball 31, I. Clark 30, C. Girling 30 and G. Payne 28 points.
B Grade: T. Clifton 38, H. Linford 35, I Smith 35, M. Turvey 35, I. Gameau 34, R. Prior 27 and J. Weir 26 points.
Ladies: L. Brooks 33, G. Bowden 33 and K. Stubing 32 points.
Hamley Bridge Results: W. Van Pelt 37, C. Doudle 36, R. Cameron 32, R. Hinderwell 31, G. Dahlitz 30, A. Humpries 29, W. White 28, B. Zerna 26, J. Treloar 23, K. Uffelman 22, B. Swartz 21, B. Charman 20, D. Cooper 19, A. Osbourne 17 and D. Nation 16 points.
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores

Next week: Captains Trophy Rd 4 - PAR.

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