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Date: 5 Aug 17

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Competition: Capt Trophy Rd 3 PAR
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf club
Meat Trays: (1) R. Hogg Meat Trays (2): P. Shields
No. of players: 14
Conditions: Windy
A Grade:(1) R. Hogg +4, (2) I. Clark 0, (3) A. Baker -1, c/b J. Ball -1
B Grade: (1) D. Thompson -1 c/b, (2) J. Weir -1 c/b, (3) C. Barker -1 c/b, H. Linford -1
Long Drives: A): P. Shields B): -
NTP's: (1): J. Ball
NTP's: (11): J. Ball
N.A.G.A. T. Clifton -6 / M. Dimasi -8
Strong winds and the possibility of heavy rain persuaded golfers to hit off early on Saturday with a small field of 14 players. The winds proving hard to find many of the par 3 scrapes with John Ball the only player to land on two of them.
The recent rains have brought the green grass back and mowing is now the priority again. A Grade was won by Bobby Hogg with +4, in fact he was the only + score of the day. Ian Clark finished 2nd with square and Andrew Baker pushed John Ball back for 3rd place. Darrell Thompson surprised everyone with winning B Grade with -1 from Jim Weir, C. Barker and Hans Linford all with -1.
A reminder to all that the Two Wells Open is on Sunday 27th August.
A Grade: R. Hogg +4, I. Clark 0, A. Baker -1, J. Ball -1, P. Shields -2 and G. Payne -4
B Grade: D. Thompson -1, J. Weir -1, C. Barker -1, H. Linford -1, R. Prior -2, T. Clifton -6 and M. Dimasi -8
Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores

Next week: Stableford.

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