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Date: 23 Sep 17

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Competition: Ambrose - 2017 Wind Up & Presentation Dinner
No. of players: 20
Conditions: Fine & Windy
1st R. Prior/ I. Gameau/R. Hogg/T. Clifton 62/51
2nd A. Baker/S. Kelly/G. Payne/H. Linford 64/55
3rd D. Hart/ K. Stubing/I. Clark/ I. Smith 68/58 1/4
4th P. Shields/J. Ball/G. Bowden 79/65 1/4
5th Chris Barker/D. Thompson/A. Christou/ R. Wendland/J.Weir
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club, Bendigo Bank, Coopers Brewery
Meat Trays: (1) I. Clark
Meat Trays (2): A. Christou
Long Drives: A): D. Hart
B): R.Prior
Ladies: K. Stubing
NTP's: (1): R. Prior
(2): J. Ball
(6): R. Hogg
NTP's: (11): S. Kelly
12): -
(15): J. Weir
Competition: 2017 Presentation Day and Ambrose
Sponsor: Two Wells Golf Club, Bendigo Bank & Coopers Brewery
The final competition on Saturday was the annual Wind Up Day Ambrose. Conditions were warm and windy with rain expected late in the afternoon. A good turnout of 20 players consisting of 5 teams played with the normal good shots and bad shots in all groups. Early confusion with Bobby Hogg again forgetting his previous commitment with the Captain and John Ball for a better team much to our surprise. However John and I teamed up with Gemma Bowden and she showed more golfing talent than Bobby from all accounts when we asked the team midway around the round.
That said the usual banter was taken in fun and all the groups had fun.

1st : R. Prior, I. Gameau, R. Hogg and T. Clifton with 51 nett.
2nd : A. Baker, S. Kelly, G. Payne and H. Linford with 55 .
3rd : D. Hart, K. Stubing, I. Clarke and I. Smith 58 1/4.
4th : C. Barker, D. Thompson, A. Christou, R. Wendland and J. Weir 56 1/2.
5th : P. Shields, J. Ball and G. Bowden 65 1/4 .

The 2017 Season Winners are:
Monthly Medal Winners:
May: P. Shields.
June: A. Christou
July: I. Clark.
Aug: J. Weir
Medal of Medal Winner: A. Christou.
Tommy Turners Burglar Pot: P. Shields 78/61
Bob Oxlade Memorial Trophy: P. Shields
Applebee/Belcher Trophy: A. Bail/G. Payne
Denis Shields Memorial Eclectic Trophy: S. Kelly
Veterans Trophy: G. Payne
President's Trophy: A. Baker/G. Payne
Captains Trophy: J. Mills/G. Payne
Hamley Bridge Interclub Challenge: HBGC/TWGC one win each.
Handicap Matchplay: H. Linford.
Club Trophy: G. Payne
TWGC 2017 Club Champion: A. Baker
A Grade Champion: A. Baker
B Grade Champion: I. Clark
A Grade Handicap Champion: G. Payne
B Grade Handicap Champion: I. Clark
Putting Champion: G. Payne.

Season 2017 Stats
Best Score for Stableford 44: 01-Jul-17 Hans Linford
Best Score for Par +8: 29-Apr-17 Gary Payne
Best Score for Scratch Stroke 78: 13-May-17 Paul Shields
Best Score off the stick 78: 13-May-17 Paul Shields, 79 29-Apr-17 Gary Payne.
Best Score for Nett Stroke 61: 3-May-17 Paul Shields, 62 24-Jun-17 Steven Kelly,
62 24-Jun-17 Gary Payne
Best Score for Putts 23: 17-Jun-17 Gary Payne & 17-Jun-17 Paul Shields
Eagles: Hole 17: 15-Apr-17 Michael Dimasi
Birdies during the season total: 133.
Hole 1: 12
Hole 2: 4
Hole 3: 10
Hole 4: 3
Hole 5: 4
Hole 6: 10
Hole 7: 37
Hole 8: 0
Hole 9: 0
Hole 10: 8
Hole 11: 6
Hole 12: 4
Hole 13: 3
Hole 14: 1
Hole 15: 5
Hole 16: 1
Hole 17: 22
Hole 18: 3

Andrew Baker 15
Chris Barker 5
Brett Betro 3
Neil Bowden 5
Arthur Christou 6
Ian Clark 6
Ian Gameau 7
Steven Kelly 7
Hans Linford 7
Gary Payne 15
Ray Prior 2
Paul Shields 12
Ian Smith 1
Jeoff Spackman 4
John Ball 8
Robert Hogg 10
John Mills 2
Adam Bail 2
Doug Burford 3
Darrell Thompson 1
Tim Clifton 7
Andrew Paul 4
Jake Bowden 1
Pars on course: 1335
Hole 1: 103
Hole 2: 73
Hole 3: 124
Hole 4: 69
Hole 5: 45
Hole 6: 115
Hole 7: 128
Hole 8: 50
Hole 9: 13
Hole 10: 57
Hole 11: 131
Hole 12: 51
Hole 13: 33
Hole 14: 26
Hole 15: 110
Hole 16: 28
Hole 17: 120
Hole 18: 59

Andrew Baker 95
Chris Barker 35
Brett Betro 23
Neil Bowden 22
Arthur Christou 79
Ian Clark 87
Ian Gameau 53
Martin Hart 3
Steven Kelly 83
Hans Linford 85
Gary Payne 101
Ray Prior 31
Paul Shields 94
Danny Smith 6
Ian Smith 50
Jeoff Spackman 52
James Weir 50
John Ball 52
Robert Hogg 105
Robert Thompson 3
Michael Dimasi 12
John Mills 29
Adam Bail 29
Doug Burford 15
Darrell Thompson 22
Tim Clifton 57
Andrew Paul 39
Rick Wendland 8
Denis Hart 4
Greg McNamara 3
Jake Bowden 8
Season 2017 Number of Players: = 361
Number of Rounds: = 21.
Avg = 17.19047619047619

Ongoing results for the Championships and weekly rounds can be found on the Two Wells Website: http://twowellsgolfclub.com.au/scores
The 2018 Season will be advised in Jan 18 with working bees in Feb/Mar with the season starting early April. As this is my final report for 2017 I would like to thank all the Committee and members of the TWGC for their support over the past year whilst I have been on the committee as Captain, Secretary and Handicapper. I would also like to wish all your families a safe Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year with all returning to the TWGC for season 2018.

Kind Regards
Paul Shields
Captain TWGC.

To the Members of Two Wells Golf Club,

As with previous year's reports it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the support of you the members who continue to play at Two Wells and assist in the working bees and ongoing weekly support to the team to keep the course looking good for each week. Again this year has been difficult with my roles of the Secretary, Handicapper roles as well as maintaining the Captains position. I would like to thank everyone for their indulgence and assistance with me whilst performing these positions and the associated effort to ensure that the club functions as one.

My sincere thanks to the Committee and all those members who have made the TWGC 2017 season another success. A team effort well done to all given the limited support this year and the fall in numbers playing. It has been a hard year overall with low numbers, machinery breakdowns and thefts of TWGC property.

With the success of the Active Club Grant 42 the club was able to make a decision to top dress the scrapes with a mixture of washed concrete sand and oil as suggested by the Hamley Bridge members. I was a little nervous with the huge task to organize and knowing that we often had little assistance in the working bees in worried me somewhat. However with the assistance and help from Michael Dimasi and Jim Weir on the first weekend we were prepared to do the hard yards manually to see how the scrapes would look and then we could plan the whole course replacement. Then along came Martin Hard and the Local Lions Club members with his Bobcat on the second weekend and we collectively smashed the work with the entire course completed ready for oiling. A special thank you to the local Lions members and Martin for their assistance over the weekend. The turnout of the TWGC Members also acknowledged to finish off the works. I think that the scrapes whilst a few need some minor work on them I am happy with the way that they have turned out very being very consistent throughout the season.

Gary has battled on with the help of some members during the year. John Mills has been a great help most weeks with various tasks to ease some of the work for Gary. I know some other members have been out helping when they have had the time and I thank them all for assisting. With the late rain the course and coverage was surprisingly very good.

The Toro was repaired with both club funds and grant support and whilst comments were made at the time the committee took the option of having the motor replaced and yes some teething issues but Gary has been working through them as they present themselves.
Machinery will always fail however it is repaired as best possible to allow the course to continue to be cut through the year.


The Competitions during 2017 were again successful with the average attendance of per week 16 (total of 370 golfers/members played during the season). The weekly numbers of players this year was well down again from previous years however the competitions maintained a reasonable attendance more importantly those who played enjoyed themselves.


The Club Membership dropped from last year's 41 financial members to a total of 37. The TWGC sponsors listed as 19. On behalf of all members of the TWGC a hearty thanks to all the TWGC Sponsors for their continued support of the club again this year. Without your support the club would struggle to provide the quality competitions, course maintenance and club house surrounds that you see today. The list of sponsors is;

* Adelaide Plains Recycling
* Bendigo Bank
* Boril Old Solicitors
* Dublin Fruit & Veg
* Freightmaster Semi Trailers
* Hickinbotham Group
* Lange Auto
* Lower Light Hotel
* McMahon Services
* Michael Belcher Gardens
* Murray River Solar
* Noah Veterinary Clinic
* Raine & Horne Real Estate
* Two Wells IGA
* Two Wells Tavan & Commercial Hotel
* Coopers Brewery
* Paul and Deb Shields.
* Russell Grigg, Hans Linford & Neil Bowden (Sponsorship for the Open Day)

The club was also successful in obtaining a SA State Active Club Grant #41 for $5000.00 which will be used for repairs to the Toro, slasher, new cups and sleeves for all scrapes, flag sticks and flags, some tools for Gary to use in the shed working with machinery breakdowns.

The club has also resubmitted the Active Club Grant # 42 for a further $2700.00 to assist further with machinery upgrades and repairs.

The manufacture of additional scrapers for the club is still ongoing and are I am waiting for advice on the best place to have them made which can be funded through our grant.

TWO WELLS GOLF CLUB - Corporate Plan

The approved funded works for Season 2017.

The Corporate Plan will always be continued to be reviewed and developed which involves the future planned works for the club once financial support is obtained and or support to enable planned works agreed and, approved and managed by the TWGC committee such as;

* Weed and Pest Control throughout the course. Further development to be discussed but is pending committee discussions in 2018.
* Plantings of additional trees in several areas along with the recommendations of the Mallala District Council and TWGC Management Plan to address storm damaged trees and shrubs. This is now on hold pending committee discussions in 2018
* Spreading of the existing mounds of chook manure to cover the course but to clean up the site. This could be considered by the new committee during the closed season.
* fairway improvements including scarification and gypsum placed on them (Ongoing further development to be discussed but is pending committee discussions in 2018)
* Topdressing new mounds and further shaping to allow maintenance of them. (Ongoing further development to be discussed but is pending committee discussions in 2018)

The 2001 Course redevelopment plan is currently being updated with ALL the works carried out on the course and will include the updated holes and tees along with the next 5 year plan to further develop the course. This “history” will capture the work and effort of the Two Wells Golf Club as it ensures the longevity of the club for the districts future. This should be completed over the closed season for presenting to the 2018 Committee.

With the new development in the surrounding district the future of the club's development is paramount to encourage the "future members" to become members of the golf club. During season 2017 there were no increased memberships received. All works to be considered will need to be discussed with the committee and will be included in a structured program for pest plants to be developed and managed by the TWGC Committee.

Match Committee

I believe that the Saturday competitions have suffered slightly with the low numbers and the average of 16 per week. However the committee has tried to ensure that the competitions continue to be played and the members are satisfied with our efforts. The number of members staying until the presentation also dropped which makes it difficult to pass on information and general notices for other events within the district.


The 2017 TWGC Open Day was very an outstanding success with 47 players and a good selection of prizes given out showing all the local clubs how well we can provide a first class Golf Course and an enjoyable day for all who attend. The day’s success would not be possible without the assistance of the members from Two Wells who ensured the days leading up to the Open Day the course was presented in pristine condition. Many comments were made on the day and again it reflected how well we can put on an Open Day. Well done to all and thank you. The Sponsors acknowledged on the day were pivotal to the success on the day. The local members who also supported through sponsoring prizes were noted and appreciated by the winners and the Members in general. I would like to acknowledge their support well done.

EXACTO CUP (suspended)

Two Wells V Hamley Bridge Interclub Challenge

2017 Season saw the Two Wells V Hamley Bridge Interclub Challenge continue to be a successful interclub competition with Hamley Bridge winning the first round with an average of 32.7. Back home for the rematch the final result for the day was Two Wells winning with an average of 35.5. Congratulations to both clubs members for not only participating but enjoying the interclub support for both clubs to continue to program the challenge each year.


Every Year I offer a big thank you to Stuart Grigg, Russell Grigg and Adam Bail for their involvement with the design and continued development of the webpage for all members and visitors alike to view the site and review a wide range of results over the season. Well done Guys for the effort you have contributed to improving the results of the member’s competitions. Again I would also like to thank Darryl Thompson for his many candid photos of both the members on the course and the course itself which are displayed on the web site. The Web Page has also a link to Facebook for those inclined to review and make comments each week. This makes the club look professional in the way we not only run the club but present it to visitors who wish to play during the year. I have a RAAF mate who is coming out to fly an aerial drone over the course from each tee to scrape and then we can place it on the web site as well to show everyone the holes and surrounds.


I am sure that all members appreciate the effort that Chris has contributed to make the Bar run smoothly during the season. Of course we must also thank Glenda for her awesome effort each week in welcoming the members with cups of tea, biscuits and cakes etc and managing the bar to allow Chris to head out and play not to mention the dinners such as STEWS which get devoured by all. The ladies such as who make themselves available at the various times during the year such as the Open Day and Sponsors Day. Well done to you all.


The club again will look for the replacement wine glasses for 2018. We will also purchase new TWGC Shirts for sale to members and I would ask members to consider buying at least one each to wear and represent Two Wells Golf Club at competitions away. This was to be ordered once I received member’s orders during 2017 however I was unable to follow up and commit to the order. I will however follow through during the season break once I can confirm the order again.
The Two Wells Golf Club Board updating and replacement is still a work in progress to retain the clubs history. I will continue to follow this up and look for updating and refurbishment along with several of the perpetual trophies which will show display the various winners of those competitions.

In closing I wish to personally those members who have contributed to the upkeep and weekly maintenance of the course this year. The presentation on those days when we had successful attendance at the Two Wells and Veterans Day, the Ladies Championships which the TWGC and committee displayed the course extremely well for all who played on the days to enjoy. To the members of the Committee thank you for your support to myself during the 2017 Season.

There are always works to be completed over the summer to prepare the course for next year however the decision of the committee is not to commence major works and the course will be closed from Oct 17 until Feb 18 during the summer months. That said I ask members if they can spare a day here to help conduct a working bee to clean up around the sheds, clubhouse and the committee would be most grateful for any hands to carry ease the burden in the more arduous tasks. The ongoing raking up of fallen debris, tree limbs etc can still be carried out. The continued work on developing mounds and preparing then when funds are available including a mixture of dry and winter seeds raked into the surface needs to planned and approved by the committee. This will also reduce the amount of effort for the preparation to the 2018 Season.

Ongoing works to repair the roads between the 3rd scrape and 4th tee block is being looked at to cover and reduce the water ponding. The same will be considered between the 17th scrape and 18th tee block. This is still being worked on and depending on availability of funds and of course any donated rubble will be programmed for 2018.

As I mentioned in previous year's reports the tractor and slasher’s currently owned and operated by the Two Wells Golf Club are old and extremely tired. We were able to achieve a major overhaul of the slasher which will hopefully help the club next year.

Repairs to machinery are expensive and the Committee needs to look at the replacement of these machines in the future to ensure we are able to continue the preparation of the course each week. This is a work in progress and in 2018 we may be in the position to find the machinery we are looking for however Grants will not cover this replacement so the club would need to find funds elsewhere to assist in buying new equipment.

There is also a plan to have a weed management program developed along with a cutting program for season 2018. This is currently in discussion with a local reliable contractor I was hoping to discuss the development of a financial plan to assist in the planning of work required for Pest Plant Management.

Again this year I stress that unfortunately due to the operating loss the club needs to look at the operation and longevity in how the club is managed to sustain itself in the future. The club needs to keep the fixed deposit and not access it to demonstrate to local council and State Government that we are able to save money for possible grants and or other opportunities that may arise. This in my opinion can only be achieved by reverting back to volunteer labour to have the course maintained each week. This is in no way a reflection on the work that the grounds manager (Gary) has provided the past year but the reality is that the operating loss is not sustainable in the future for the club to continue to survive. I realise that members will not be happy to hear this from the committee but we have an obligation to bring the issue to the attention of the members to openly discuss.

The 2018 program and working bees will be advised early next year by the Committee. Finally I would like to congratulate all the trophy winners of the 2017 Season and I wish you and your families a Safe, Happy Xmas and prosperous New Year. See you all back safely in 2018.

In closing I would like to wish the TWGC and members every success for the future as I am unsure whether I can continue in the roles I have been filling the past two years. I hope that the members can discuss and work towards providing the support needed to fill the various committee positions and thereby running the Two Wells Golf Club in the future.

Have a Safe and Happy Xmas & New Year to you and your families and I hope the committee sees you all back for season 2018 with new members if they can.

Kind Regards

Original Signed

Paul Shields
Captain TWGC
14 Sep 17


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